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Idis Design is a company with over 20 years of experience. The artistic and technical training of its designers makes them specialists in product design (both at the aesthetic as well as at the technical/functional levels).

Areas in which the company has developed products include, for example, the vehicle and automotive sector, the railway sector, the sports sector, including cycling, the service sector, consumer electronics, and heavy machinery.

The company has also developed its own products, as a result of which it holds a considerable number of patents.

The idea of trying to eliminate deficiencies discovered as a result of the constant exploration, undertaken by us and by our customers, of our surrounding environment inspires us to search for and propose ideas that combine efficiency, functionality, effectiveness, and innovation, and we endow these ideas with an aesthetic attractiveness that evokes a passionate and emotional response overall when the idea is transformed into a real product intended for everyday use.

Once a creative challenge arises, our philosophy is to analyse, observe, study, search for, and acquire the results of our deep understanding of the project, including its aim, our customers’ and end customer’s profiles, as well a thorough knowledge of the setting in which the project is to be implemented, in order to ensure that all of the elements comprising the project are in perfect harmony.

For several years, the industrial design studio, Idis, in collaboration with world’s leading dental franchises, has been working in the dental sector, developing products related to the digital revolution in this area, with these companies entirely devoted to the task of introducing cad/cam technology, digital capture, scanners, 3d dental files, digital corrections, digital impressions of teeth, prostheses, splints, etc….

And having taken careful note of the demand for cutting edge technology in this sector, the company’s designers and technicians have developed a digital scanning system, implemented in this 3d intra-oral scanner which we have shown you.


At IDIS we create our products, taking responsibility for the entire chain of development from the original idea to the delivery of the manufactured product (Finished), based on the designs set out in the initial project sketches.

We offer our customers integrated product-design solutions that contribute added value to the company’s strategies. We conduct research in order to contribute solutions with regard to product functionality, aesthetics, and manufacturing processes, generating cost savings and achieving greater market visibility.

We consider design to be a fundamental tool for enabling companies to communicate with their public regarding their products, their corporate identities, ideas, and market position.

In order for a company to achieve success, it must distinguish itself from the competition and enable its public to identify with and recognise both the company and its products in a coherent, clear, and positive manner. We understand that companies that control the entire range of communication tools are better able to consolidate their businesses and remain competitive.

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